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71h9ZLNF40L. SL1500  300x112 Birkis Super Birki ClogWhen it comes to shoes, the Super-Birki is the king of comfort and durability. This clog was made for the long-haul–its easy-care upper and convenient, slip-on style is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, and will last you for years to come. Whether you wear it in the kitchen, the garden, or just out roaming around, you’ll enjoy the cushioned, steady step it brings.

Pamper your foot when you slip-on the Birki’s Women Super-Birki Clog for everyday comfort! This professional clog features an anatomically shaped, removable footbed to absorb shock with each of your steps for a soft impact to go along with long-lasting comfort. The interior and exterior longitudinal arch support follows along with the natural shape of your foot for a customized fit. Durable EVA outsole offers superior flexibility and is easy to repair so the shoe lasts longer.

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91qiGY5x79L. SL1500  300x300 Timberland PRO Mens Work BootThese boots are made for you, the working professional who takes pride in your job and needs a durable and reliable workboot. Timberland‘s Endurance workboots have the alloy TiTAN XL safety toe to allow for airflow and natural forefoot flex, while still protecting your toes.

From the Manufacturer

Timberland set new industry standards for craftsmanship, durability and protection when it introduced an authentic, waterproof leather boot in 1973. A global leader in design, engineering and marketing of premium footwear, Timberland values consumers who cherish the outdoors and their time in it. Timberland has been an industry leader in the use of both sustainable and recycled materials in its shoes, as well as its footwear packaging. The Timberland Company believes in corporate responsibility and supports numerous civic and social projects throughout the year.

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61M3ru0IoJL. SL1280  300x225 Tips for Choosing Comfortable Work ShoesAs with most other parts of our dressing, fashion controls the kind of shoes that people wear on various occasions. This means that many people around the world are forced to walk around in very uncomfortable shoes in the name of keeping up with the prevailing fashion trends. The problem is even further compounded for career individuals since different jobs require that they put on particular types of shoes. For instance, you can hardly go to work in a formal office wearing a formal suit and slip-ons. This means that most people are forced to go to work in uncomfortable work shoes. Besides the discomfort that the wrong type of shoes can create for you, medical researchers have established that more than half of the total foot problems reported from around the world are caused by wearing the wrong type of foot wear. In light of the forgoing discussions, it is clear that the choice of comfortable work shoes is one that must be taken very seriously.

In case you are looking for comfortable work shoes that you can wear to your work place without breaking the formal or accepted dress code there, then the following tips for choosing the most comfortable work shoes should prove to be very useful for you. However, before discussing these tips, it is worth pointing out here that shoe related problems are more common among women than among their male counterparts. The reason behind this may be because of the fact that women are generally more obsessed with fashion than men and therefore tend to have and wear shoes that are lot more fancy and a lot less comfortable. The following tips should be useful specifically for women looking for comfortable work shoes and they include;

Choose shoes with a lower heel that is broad in shape. Ideally, the heel should be 2 inches or less. This is because lower heels will help by reducing the pressure exerted on the front of your feet and thereby cause you a lot more comfort compared to higher heels which only increase that pressure.
Choose shoes whose heels and soles are made of shock absorbent materiel since they will provide greater cushioning for your feet.
Choose shoes with firm heel counters as these will lock your feet properly into the shoes and give it extra support by anchoring it to the mid-sole.

The following additional tips apply equally for both men and women who are looking for comfortable work shoes;

Look for shoes that have deeper and broader toe shapes. Narrow toe space constricts the feet and may result in pinching. Both can be avoided if the toe area is much wider. It is however worth pointing out that a wedge shaped shoe evens out the distribution of your weight and offers greater support.
Avoid synthetic materials; the most comfortable work shoes and the ones that you should choose are the ones that have got insoles made of suede or natural leather since these are more pliable and allow the foot greater breathing space, thereby helping prevent blistering and chaffing.

Best Work Boots

816DuUO7XkS. SL1500  150x150 The Advantages and Features of the Best Work BootsIn the physical work industry, employees spend a lot of time on their feet. For this reason, it is necessary that one wears comfortable and the best work boots that also offer safety. Investing in a pair of work boots is advantageous for many reasons. One of them is that they keep your feet from getting injured if you trip or heavy item falls on your feet.

The best work boots also keep your feet dry and warm when working in a cold and wet environment. They also provide adequate support that keeps your feet from getting sore and tired. A good pair of work boots will also allow you to walk around work sites safely because they will protect your feet from steeping on sharp objects such as nails and others.

One of the best work boots available today are steel toe boots. Their hard toe offers maximum protection to the feet. These boots come in many colors and styles and you can buy them from most department stores, hardware stores and outdoor supply stores. You can search for the best boots on the internet. The best work boots are designed by specialist manufacturers who make boots specifically for industrial work environments.

Some brand names make boots that are specifically designed for employees working in specialized fields such as shipping, furniture removals, chemical plants, consumables and distributing among others. Some work boots are water proof and they are ideal for those who work outdoors or on wet surfaces. They are also ideal for working in hazardous areas where chemicals can spill on you.

The best work boots are also designed to offer protection against electrical hazards. Such boots are insulated against a 600 volt electrical discharge. The other feature of ideal work boots is slip resistant soles that prevent you from slipping when working on wet surfaces. Another helpful feature in such work boots is insulation, which makes them ideal for wear in cold weather.


The most common material used to make the best work boots is leather.


It is supportive, durable and provides good water resistance. Some boots are made of a combination of leather and nylon mesh in order to achieve a balance of weight, insulation, durability and comfort. Check out some of the best work boots on Amazon using the link below.

41Y9Xz %2B vL. SL160  The Advantages and Features of the Best Work BootsThe Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi Boot Steel Toe,Black,Men

Muck Chore 15 ... read more
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81TF0w qyuL. SL1500  300x216 Skechers For Work   Women's Shape ups SR Sneakers

Skechers For Work Women

Skechers for Work Women’s Shape-ups SR Sneakers is considered excellent and convenient footwear products you should choose. Some individuals find it very hard to find the most comfortable footwear to utilize during at work. Especially women, they are seeking a good pair of footwear in which it incorporates both fashion and comfort. That is really a bit complicated to find. Fortunately, Skechers manufactured that type of shoe to address the concerns of working ladies. You should purchase a pair of it for you to experience the comfort it provides to your feet without compromising the sense of fashion.

Skechers for Work Women’s with its product, the Skechers Shape-ups SR shoe is a wonderful toning kind of sneaker from the collection of Shape-ups Original. It is solely manufactured with a great slip resistant outsole, which is very convenient to wear in your workplace.

If you will utilize it properly, shape-ups can provide you a lot of benefits. It will help you speed up the burning of calories in your body. It will also enhance your posture reducing body aches after work. It will increase the activation of your muscle in your lower leg.

If you are experiencing painful feet after work, this is the right time to disregard your pair of sneakers. Buy and try to wear Skechers for Work Women’s Shape-ups SR Sneakers. You will realize that you do not deserve to experience those painful feet.

If you want to enjoy your whole day of work, you need to use Skechers for Work Women’s Shape-ups SR Sneakers. It comes with great fit at any foot size and design. You can really enjoy the rest of the day after work without experiencing leg cramps or painful feet. Rest assured that with Skechers for Work Women’s Shape-ups SR Sneakers, your feet will achieve the comfort it needs.

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Best shoes for work

81w1xc3j6OS. SL1500  300x300 Choosing The Best Shoes For WorkWhen looking for the best working shoes we always try to get the most comfortable ones. No mare what kind of work we do our shoes are very important part of our Day or even our life. Choosing comfortable shoes sometimes is a little hard decision we have to make because all the great products out there to chose from.

Best Shoes For Work – Boots

WORX by Red Wing Shoes Men’s 10″ Pull-on Boot

Product Description

Men’s WORX 5455 10″ Steel Toe EH Pull – on Boots… easy on / off and easy on your dawgs too! WORX… now that’s a name that’s been around for a long time! We did a little investigating recently, and learned that this company has been turning out their popular brand of footwear since way back in 1905. That’s over a century of crafting outstanding Boots and Shoes for working men and women, hunters, and even for the US Military.

Depend on the WORX name and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee… yours at a price that won’t strain your budget! Check these out, man! Full-grain oil-tanned leather uppers;

Oil and slip-resistant ENDURANCE Arrowhead black soles for superior traction; Removable polyurethane insoles;

Rating: ASTM F 2413-05, M 1/75 C75 EH (non-conductive electrical shock resistant soles and heels);

Excellent resistance to oil, gas, chemicals and abrasion… also offers mid-level resistance to heat;

Top-notch comfort on concrete; Non-marking sole;

Brown color; Each is approx. 10″ h., 36 ozs. State Size and Width. Order your WORX today! Men’s WORX 5455 10″ Steel Toe EH Pull-on Boots

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